Today, emails are an inseparable part of our lives. I share with you some of the most memorable emails(forwards) I have received.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Amma!! Yaaraene andaroo, nee nannaa devaru

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Its written so beautifully that you might believe this email is what I treasure. You are forgiven for making a wrong guess. I really appreciated the write-up, but I still can't understand why I didn't forward it all to my friends.

Instead, I sent it only to one person. I really don't know yet why I sent it only to her. Unfortunately, while forwarding the mail, I added a few comments of my own. I intended to write about my opinion of working mothers, but foolishly keyed in "working women". I wrote about why the next generation of our children may not be able to relate to this story. I have only contempt for a lot of women's rights activists ( but not women!!) and it was evident in my words. In her reply, she really appreciated the presentation, but probably hadn't bothered to read my comments. The next day, she replied back blasting me for my chauvinistic comments. I went into a defensive mode, partly apologising, partly correcting my comments and greatly defending my statements. While drafting my defence, I took my own example (as I do many a times), and that was the first time I saw a lot of events and situations in my life from my parents' perspective. Then, unknowingly, my respect and love for them had turned into great adoration, admiration and even reverence.

It's inappropriate to put our conversation in a public space. I will forever remember the contents of the mails following up this forward e-mail. Nor can I forget the lady who opened my eyes. But, sooner or later, I will post my opinion on working mothers.

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